MAR Databases

The MAR (MARine) databases are richly annotated and manually curated contextual and sequence databases. MarRef contains only completed, finished marine prokaryotic genomes. MarDB includes all non-complete marine prokaryotic genomes regardless of level of completeness. SalDB is a manually curated database for salmonide associated genomes. MarFun is a manually curated marine fungi genome database.



META-pipe is a complete workflow for the analysis of marine metagenomic data. It provides assembly of high-throughput sequence data, functional annotation of predicted genes, and taxonomic profiling. META-pipe is not released as an ELIXIR service yet. For now you may use the NeLS META-pipe service.



MAR BLAST provides BLAST (Basic Local Alignment Search Tool) sequence search agains all genome and metagenome nucleotide and protein coding sequences generated from the curated MAR databases MarRef, MarDB and MarCat.


MAR Download

Download gives easy and open access to the MAR contextual data, sequence data and other resources generated from the curated MAR databases for use in different tools such as MAPseq, Kaiju and Kraken